What happened to 

In response to logistical and inflationary challenges, we are now selling Carbi-Universal solid carbide round tools (endmills, drills, burrs, threadmills and taps) under the brand name of the manufacturer: Titan USA. This ensures that customers will be best served with the lowest prices and fastest deliveries. Titan USA has been our supplier for Carbi-Universal round tools since inception. Because of rising costs, we would not be able to hold pricing at a competitive level if we continued to sell their products under the Carbi-Universal brand name. Our solution? We are now providing the very same products through the Titan USA brand name, and there will be no price increase to customers. The part numbers are the same, but Sku numbers have changed to the Titan USA EDP numbers. This will not prevent you from reordering straight from your order history.

Since the Carbi-Universal product line will no longer be offering a full range of indexable carbide tooling and is now exclusively inserts, and since our Dragon Carbide carbide insert brand continues to thrive, we are combining these two insert brands into one brand: Carbide Depot. This will simplify logistics, shorten deliveries, and simplify product selection. The part numbers and Sku numbers are the same, the purple boxes are the same, and you will still be able to reorder straight from your order history. Labels will now say Carbide Depot brand.

We have been struggling with delivery issues, rising costs, and quality issues on Carbi-Universal brand lathe holders for some time. Since every one of these holders can also be supplied by many of the other manufacturers we represent, it has finally reached the point that we felt the best thing for our customers was to discontinue supplying them because our customers are better off making a selection from one of the other many name brands we supply.