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Based in the USA, is the largest online supplier of carbide inserts and cutting tools. Choose from industry leaders Kennametal, Iscar, Mitsubishi Carbide, Seco, Garr Tool, Tungaloy-NTK, Widia, SGS, Kyocera, Walter, Allied Machine, Tool-Flo, and Carbi-Universal. Most of these manufacturers we represent drop ship your orders same day straight to you for faster deliveries! Check out our customer reviews or reach us by phone at 205-942-6005.

October 1 Price Increases: Iscar, Tool-Flo


Carbide Depot chipbreaker and tool images use these color codes to represent the corresponding material recommendations.

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Carbide inserts are replaceable and usually indexable bits of cemented carbide used in machining steels, cast iron, high temperature alloys, and nonferrous materials. Carbide inserts allow faster machining and leave better finishes on metal parts. Carbide inserts can withstand higher temperatures than high speed steel tools. Our products include the following:

  • Indexable Inserts
    • Carbide Inserts
    • Cermet Inserts
    • Ceramic Inserts
    • PCD and PCBN Tipped Inserts
  • Toolholders
  • Boring Bars
  • Milling Cutters
    • Face Mills
    • Indexable Endmills
    • Hi Feed Cutters
    • Slotting Cutters
  • Rotary Holders
    • CAT 40 V-Flange
    • CAT 50 V-Flange
    • Collet Chucks
    • Endmill Holders
    • Shell Mill Holders
    • Collets
  • Carbide Endmills
  • Carbide Drills
    • Solid Carbide Drills
    • Indexable Carbide Drills
  • Shim Seats
  • Carbide Burs
  • Threadmills
  • Taps

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