Code Application
G00 positioning (rapid traverse) (M,T)
G01 linear interpolation (feed) (M,T)
G02 circular Interpolation CW (M,T)
G03 circular Interpolation CCW (M,T)
G04 dwell, a programmed time delay (M,T)
G05 unassigned
G06 parabolic interpretation (M,T)
G07 cylindrical diameter values (T)
G08 programmed acceleration (M,T)
G09 exact stop check (M,T)
G10 - G12 unassigned or lock and unlock devices
G13 computing line and circle intersect (M,T)
G14 - G14.1 used for scaling (M,T)
G15 - G16 polar coordinate programming (M)
G15 - G16.1 cylindrical interpolation - c axis (T)
G16.2 end face milling - c axis (T)
G17 XY plane selection (M,T)
G18 ZX plane selection (M,T)
G19 YZ plane selection (M,T)
G20 input in inch
G21 input in mm
G22 - G23 machine axis off limit area (M,T)
G22.1 - G23.1 cutting tool off limit area (M,T)
G24 single-pass rough facing cycle (T)
G28 return to reference point (M,T)
G29 return from reference point (M,T)
G30 return to alternate home position (M,T)
G31.1 - G31.4 external skip function (M,T)
G33 thread cutting, constant lead (T)
G34 thread cutting, increasing lead (T)
G35 thread cutting, decreasing lead (T)
G36 automatic accel. and deccel. (M,T)
G37 used for tool gaging (M,T)
G38 measure dia. and center of hole (M)
G40 cutter compensation cancel (M)
G41 cutter compensation left (M)
G42 cutter compensation right (M)
G43 cutter offset, inside corner (M,T)
G44 cutter offset, outside corner (M,T)
G45 tool offset decrease
G46 tool offset double increase
G47 tool offset double decrease
G48 scaling off
G49 tool length compensation cancel
G50 tool offset increase
G50.1 cancel mirror image (M,T)
G51.1 program mirror image (M,T)
G52 offset axis w/ respect to 0 point (M,T)
G53 motion in machine coordinates (M,T)
G54 work coordinate system 1 select
G55 work coordinate system 2 select
G56 work coordinate system 3 select
G57 work coordinate system 4 select
G58 work coordinate system 5 select
G59 work coordinate system 6 select
G60 single direction positioning
G61 exact stop check mode (M,T)
G62 reduce feed rate on inside corner (M,T)
G64 cutting mode (M,T)
G65 custom parametric macro (M,T)
G66 custom macro for motion blocks (M,T)
G66.1 custom macro for all blocks (M,T)
G67 stops custom macro (M,T)
G68 coordinate syslaim rotation ON (M)
G69 coordinate syslaim rotation OFF (M)
G70 inch programming (M,T)
G71 metric programming (M,T)
G72 circular interpolation CW (M)
G72 finished cut along z-axis (T)
G73 peck drilling cycle (T)
G74 counter tapping cycle (M)
G74 rough facing cycle (T)
G74 cancel circular interpolation (M,T)
G75 circular interpolation (M,T)
G76 fine boring
G80 canned cycle cancel
G81 drilling cycle, no dwell (M,T)
G82 drilling cycle, dwell (M,T)
G83 deep hole, peck drilling cycle (M,T)
G84 right hand tapping cycle (M,T)
G84.1 left hand tapping cycle (M,T)
G85 boring, no dwell, feed out (M,T)
G86 boring, spindle stop, rapid out (M,T)
G87 boring, manual retraction (M,T)
G88 boring, spindle stop, manual ret. (M,T)
G89 boring, dwell and feed out (M,T)
G90 absolute dimension input (M,T)
G91 incremental dimension input (M,T)
G92 set absolute zero point (M,T)
G93 inverse time feed rate (M,T)
G94 per minute feed (M,T)
G95 per revolution feed (M,T)
G96 constant surface speed control (T)
G97 stop constant surface speed control (T)
G98 return to initial point in canned cycle
G99 return to R point in canned cycle